The Desrosiers Family

(91198 noms)

This data base contains All the Desrosiers found by the author in Quebec, Ontario, western provinces and USA. It contains the 3 principal Desrosiers lineage: Antoine Desrosiers, Pierre Deguire and Antoine Laniel. Some smaller lineage is also present: Pierre and Jean Moreau, Michel and Jean-Baptiste Jutras, Francois Boucher and Jean-Nicolas Patoine.In Quebec, the majority are called Desrosiers. In Ontario and the western provinces, They are Called Derosier, Derosia. In the States, they arne named Derosier, Derosia, Rosebush (Maine) and Derosear. Eventually,to facilitate the search, Il will transform all the other names to either Desrosiers or Dutremble. Updated: April 4th 2023.

Dernière mise à jour : 2023-04-06 05:27:05

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