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Search requests

The society will accept to make some researches for you at certain prices and conditions:

All requests will be made through the web site and paid in advance.

Search types:

One line, either father' or mother's ascendance:

Consists of a lineage from generation to generation of a single person to the arrival of his first ancestor to establish in Québec. For each generation, you will have the names of the spouses and the date and place of the marriage.      Price: $75.00

Two lines, both parents of the requesting individual:

           Same content of the preceding one, but for two individuals.                  Price: $125.00

Four lines, all four grand-parents of the requesting individual:

           Same content of the preceding one, but for four individuals.                 Price: $200.00

The final result will be produced on a colored special presentation.

For these kind of research, allow at least two weeks for delivery.

Note: If known, we will continue your lineage in Europe for at least one generation.

Records's copies (baptisms, marriages ou burials before 1941.                        Price: $2.00 each , including mailing fees.

For all other requests, we will determine the price after reading them.


Please write your request on the form located at the bottom of the following lien: Contact us


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