- Société de généalogie et d'histoire de Rimouski

Who are we?


Our goals:

To organize, promote, and patronize historical, genealogical and cultural activities.

To organize and hold conferences, meetings, and exhibitions to promote, spread out and popularize history and genealogy.

Publish and print books, magazines,and  newspapers for the only purpose of enhancing the Knowledge of history and genealogy.

Receive money from public subscriptions or sponsors.

Acquire by donations, purchases, rentals or by any other means, furniture, equipment and real estate for the purpose of attaining our goals.

Acquire documentation in relation with Rimouski history.

Acquire Archive’s collections referencing to Rimouski history, using a strict previously determined estimate process.


Board of directors:

Guy Bernier President, Informatique, BMS2000
Pierre Rioux Vice-president, Formation and conferences
Claude-Carrier Fortin  Treasurer
Louise Verrette Secretary
Laurent Bérubé Magazine "L’Estuaire généalogique"
Pierre Collin History
Régine Lebel Voluntary personal
Raymond Levasseur Library
Sylvain Mainville Library